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Great news...the City of Hayward and Homes Built For America present the opportunity to own beautiful new affordable condominiums at HayView SoMi. We invite you to speak with one of our New Home Consultants about this unique program requiring only a 3% deposit for qualifying households and being offered by lottery process. To be eligible for this unique opportunity, applicants must complete the City of Hayward Participant Application, the lender's loan application, and the lender's Buyer's Certification and Authorization form.

Your first steps in order to enter into the lottery is a simple pre-qualification process. Below you will find a self-qualified application you must submit along with attaching a current credit report. Click the button below to get your latest FREE credit report. Be sure to save a copy of your report to your computer as a PDF so you may easily upload it to this application.

Step 1:

Get your free credit report.

Step 2:

Fill out the lottery application and upload your credit report.

To participate in the lottery for the affordable housing program at SoMi, HayView collection, you must complete the following lottery application. Please note all information will be verified if you are a winner in the lottery. The application must be completed and filed online. Only one entry per household can be accepted. Please do not send multiple entries as this will not guarantee you entry to the lottery program.
By completing this application you are agreeing to receive communication and information from our team, and you are giving us permission to send you such information and communication by mail, email, phone or text message.
Once completed, you will receive an email notification within 3 days confirming if you are eligible to participate in the lottery. You will also receive a lottery number for identification purposes only and this number will have no effect on your position in the lottery.


The following information is required to be entered into the lottery process.

Residency and Place of Employment
(The City of Hayward wishes to provide a priority status to those who live and/or work in Hayward. If you have indicated you live and/or work in Hayward but do not provide an address, then your residency will not be considered in your application or in lottery results and you will not receive any priority in the lottery.)

Do you live in Hayward?
Do you work in Hayward?
Home Address
Home Address
Work Address
Work Address

Please provide a copy of your credit report. Credit reports can be accessed one time per year at no charge at the following address:

Maximum upload size: 10MB
How did you hear about us?
The City of Hayward requests information on demographic data if applicants are willing to provide. Please provide as indicated below, or select “I do not wish to provide” is you choose to decline.

By submitting this Preliminary Lottery Application, under penalty of perjury the Applicant agrees they have submitted true and correct information, and that they are only submitting one application per household.

Moderate Income

Family Size Gross Maximum Yearly Income
1 $119,950
2 $137,100
3 $154,200
4 $171,350
5 $185,050

Maximum Income for Alameda County, effective 5/13/2022

PLAN 1 - Priced at $447,814* | PLAN 2 - Priced at $500,923*

Prices noted are effective for Phase I, the first 7 homes. Subsequent phases may be adjusted subject to adjustments to income limits as identified by Alameda County.

Below Market Rate Housing

Qualified candidates will participate in a lottery for the first sales release. For qualification guidelines and information on timelines, reach out to our contacts below.

Leslie Harvey | BMR Loan Officer
Office: 925.357.6264
Mobile: 925.337.3108