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Common Questions

How does the VIP Selection Process work?

In order to serve the overwhelming demand for homes fairly, Homes Built For America has set up a simple selection system for qualified buyers ready to purchase. The completion of the following steps is required to get on our Priority Selection List:

    1. Complete a call with our concierge team so we can find out the floorplans you are interested in and answer any community or product questions you have.
    2. Complete an easy pre-qualification with one of our preferred lenders as simple as a 10-minute call with a representative or submitting an online form. If you have already been pre-qualified with one of our preferred lenders prior to registering for the Priority Selection List, check the expiration date. You may need to obtain an updated approval from our lender.
    3. Receive a confirmation letter from our New Home Consultant after completion of the first two steps above. Your spot is determined by the date of your confirmation letter from our sales consultant. Now you are officially on the list.
    4. You will be contacted to schedule a private appointment to reserve a home.
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What Determines my spot on the list?

Once you have completed steps "1" & "2" above, your spot is determined by the date of your confirmation letter from our sales team.

Can I find out where I am on the list?

While we understand the desire to know your precise spot on our Priority Selection List, your position and opportunity is highly dynamic and changes before, during, and after each release. Like you, other buyers have specific floorplan needs, targeted price points, and homesite preferences. If an available release does not meet these needs, buyers can choose to pass and wait for the next release. Or, those on the list may have purchased elsewhere or are no longer able to move forward with a purchase for a variety of reasons. Your spot will continue moving to the top with each release. You will be informed about upcoming inventory and release dates weeks in advance for planning purposes.

What happens on release day?

Our onsite sales team will begin contacting each member of the Priority Selection List in order. Make sure you are available on release day by phone, text, or email so that we don't miss you. Mark your calendar with the release date to remind yourself to be available. If you are not contacted on release day, please be patient and trust that we will call you when it is your turn. When our sales team gets flooded with calls from buyers inquiring where they are on the list, it slows down the process.


Why Do I have to be pre-Qualified with the Preferred Lender?

With today's market demands, Homes Built For America wants to ensure the selection process remains smooth for everyone. Using one of our preferred lenders for the pre-qualification process enables us to verify you are ready to move forward with a purchase when it is your turn for selection. It can be as simple as a 10-minute call or completing and submitting an online form.

What if i have already been pre-approved with another lender?

You have the option of using the lender of your choice for contract and closing. Because requirements differ among lenders for the pre-qualification process, we simply ask that you repeat the simple pre-qualification exercise with one of our preferred lenders as well. The credit system is set up to allow for competitive lender bids and multiple credit checks over a 60-day period without 'dinging' your score.

How much should I get pre-qualified for?

With the demand for inventory high and prices getting adjusted regularly, it is important to get qualified for the maximum amount you can afford. You are not required to use the maximum amount of course, but this ensures that you are covered in case pricing comes in higher than anticipated on release day.


How do i find out about upcoming releases?

You will receive a 'save-the-date' email two to three weeks in advance of each release. The homesites, elevations, floor plans, and other details will be provided. Pricing will be available on the day of the release and communicated directly by the agent when it is your turn for selection.


What if the upcoming release does not have the floor plan, homesite type, or other specifications available that I am looking for?

When it is your turn for selection, you can simply 'pass' and we will continue to hold your spot in line through future releases. Our goal is to get you the 'right' home, however, you do run the risk of prices being higher on future releases. Having first, second, and third choices increases your chance to make a selection. Let our sales team know if you are also willing to move up to a slightly larger or smaller plan if your three choices are unavailable.


How do i know if I am eligible to be contacted for a release?

Make sure you have received a confirmation letter from your onsite sales agent that you are officially on our Priority Selection List. Your selection spot is determined by the date on that confirmation letter.


What if I was not contacted during the release?

If you have not been contacted by the Tuesday following a release, you will receive an email indicating the homes that sold, if anything remains available, and the approximate date of the next release. After each release, your spot moves up on the list. Make sure to be prepared for the next release.


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